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Canola meal sales begin at Carbon Cycle Crush

Canola meal sales begin at Carbon Cycle Crush

Carbon Cycle Crush, a subsidiary of Carbon Cycle Investments, recently sold its first batch of meal to local Chesaw ranchers Steve Leslie and Brian Nelson. Steve, who purchased the very first ton of meal on December 5, has been feeding it to his small herd with favorable results. He recently purchased an additional 800 pounds and is sharing the meal with other ranchers in the area.

CCC millwright Eric DeCamp had the following to say about the company’s product:

I took two bags of meal …went to my neighbors and fed it to most of their animals. All of the animals responded with great interest. My one neighbor said they go through 2 tons of hay a month and would be very interested in buying meal to add to the feed.

Ozzie and all of the other neighbor dogs (about 30+) responded to the meal as well, but I let the owners know to do about 7:1 ratio.

I’m very excited about this!!!! I was very impressed to see ALL ANIMALS ate the meal, including the most timid (little colt that doesn’t get much human contact. She came up to me after her mom started eating it. The neighbor was very surprised).

Carbon Cycle Crush will notify customers when the next batch of canola meal is available for purchase.

Media coverage of the Carbon Cycle Crush launch

Media coverage of the Carbon Cycle Crush launch

Carbon Cycle Crush had it’s inaugural crush at a December 5, 2011, event attended by nearly 100 local citizens, investors, farmers and media. It was the first time the entire loop system was operational, showing all in attendance the crushing process, as well as the two byproducts the system produces: oil and meal. It’s these two products that are going to help transform the local economy for farmers growing canola and ranchers purchasing the omega-3 enriched meal. It’s an exciting time in Okanogan County!

We’re proud to say the event in Oroville garnered significant media attention. Here are some of the articles written about the event:

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