CCI to showcase gasification technology at Paris Air Show

Carbon Cycle Investments (CCI) is joining the Choose Washington State delegation at the 2013 Paris Air Show, June 17-23. The world’s largest airshow features 150,000 industry attendees and 2,113 exhibitors from 45 countries, and CCI will be showcasing its leading-edge gasification technology to aerospace manufacturers, airline companies and international civic leaders during the event.

“The gasification technology we acquired in a recent stock purchase agreement with MPM Technologies is transformational, and we intend to change the world with it,” says Brian Burrow, CCI’s Chief Business Development Officer. ”The air show is the perfect place to begin the conversation when you consider the audience and the fact we’re part of the Washington State entourage. It’s a big opportunity for us.”

CCI acquired a controlling interest in MPM Technologies in April 2013 via a stock purchase agreement, and the company targeted the Paris Air Show as an opportunity to introduce MPM’s gasification technology.

“Our vision is to make the world a better place for future generations through sustainable business practices,” says CCI co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Tim King. “Gasification technology has existed for decades, but there isn’t a company on the planet that has the vision or the technology we do. We can literally turn garbage into electricity and jet fuel.”

Burrow will be spending the week meeting with a variety of stakeholders who are interested in the value of a gasification installation.

“These are kick-the-tires meetings,” says Burrow. “Once they understand the opportunity, we have every expectation strategic meetings will follow.”

Visit Carbon Cycle Power’s website to learn more about gasification technology.







CCI announces MPM Technologies leadership changes

Pete Colella

Pete Colella
Interim CEO

Effective May 29, 2013, the shareholders of MPM Technologies removed Peter Chase as Chief Executive Officer, President and Director, and removed Michael Mooney as Secretary, Treasurer and Principal Accounting Officer. For details of the restructuring, please refer to the Company’s Current Report on Form 8-k, filed with the SEC on June 4, 2013.

Mr. Peter Colella, Jr. and Mr. Brian Burrow were appointed as Interim Chief Executive Officer and Interim Chief Financial Officer, respectively. Mr. Collela will oversee the company’s day-to-day operations, and Mr. Burrow will perform the duties commensurate with his position until the Board of Directors has identified a new Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

Brian Burrow

Brian Burrow
Interim CFO

Mr. Colella has been active in corporate finance activities on a national and international level over the course of his 32-year career. In addition to over 300 successful investment banking transactions, he has also built a stellar performance record with turnarounds and profit improvement services over the past 20 years. Mr. Colella is currently the president and Chief Executive Officer of The Colmen Group, a business services company based in Pennsylvania, focused on business strategy and corporate finance. Mr. Burrow brings 15 years of business and entrepreneurial experience to the Company. For the past five years, he has worked as an economist and project manager for organizations including Haskins Steel, City of Spokane, the Spokane Area Workforce Development Council and Spokane Community College.

These changes were made to further align MPM Technologies’ vision with that of its major shareholder Carbon Cycle Investments, LLC, (“CCI”) which has a controlling interest in the Company following a stock purchase agreement on April 3, 2013. All CCI companies are aligned with a simple common goal: Rebalance the carbon cycle for the benefit of future generations.

“It may be a grand and altruistic goal, but it’s why I began this journey more than 25 years ago,” says CCI co-founder and MPM board member Tim King. “Our purpose is to create sustainably driven communities, and we have a fiscally sound blueprint that can be replicated throughout the world. We believe that this singular focus will benefit the planet, our employees, our partners and our investors.”

To help manifest Mr. King’s and CCI’s global vision, the Company has engaged Ebro Accounting & Consulting Inc, an Orange County, Calif., based registered CPA and professional accountancy corporation, and Lucosky Brookman LLP, a national corporate finance and securities law firm, to accelerate the process of getting its financial reporting up to date, including: updating certain prior periodic filings and maintaining compliance with periodic reporting on an ongoing basis, as well as  performing other general and corporate services as may be required from time to time.

“We share CCI’s and Mr. King’s vision for the future,” says Elsa Ebro, CPA, and Principal of Ebro Accounting and Consulting. “Our expertise, and commitment to roll up our sleeves and do the necessary work, will help accelerate the compliance process.”

The Company will be revamping its policies, procedures and controls, in order to obtain compliance with The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 and, once in compliance with its reporting requirements, expects to be quoted on either the OTCBB and/or the OTCQB.

CCI completes stock purchase agreement with MPM Technologies

CCI completes stock purchase agreement with MPM Technologies

Carbon Cycle Investments recently announced the completion of a stock purchase agreement with publicly traded company MPM Technologies, Inc., (MPML). MPM Technologies is based in Spokane, Washington, with an office in Ramsey, New Jersey.

For more information on this transaction, please visit the following links:

Review recently released 8K on EDGAR
Review MPML on Yahoo! Finance

For investor information, please contact

It’s canola time in Eastern Washington

It’s canola time in Eastern Washington

Jeff Scott’s presentation at last week’s Oilseed Crop Production Workshops in Odessa and Colfax opened a lot of eyes to the opportunity canola farming presents to Eastern Washington farmers. His presentation, “Why I Grow Canola in Wheat Country,” hit home with the locals because Washington, too, is wheat country.

But Scott turned the wheat-only concept upside down by proclaiming: “If you’re not growing canola in rotation with wheat, you’re crazy.” Now, Scott knows a thing or two about canola farming. He’s been growing for eight years as an early adopter who introduced canola farming in the canola hotbed of … wait for it … Oklahoma.


Yep. Oklahoma, which just happens to be a much less desirable area to grow canola when compared to Eastern Washington. Yet it’s happening. More than 100,000 acres of canola were harvested last year in Oklahoma, a number that is growing annually. And wheat yields that follow canola are increasing by 20-40 percent.

If you didn’t get a chance to see Scott speak at the workshops, here’s what he says in part 3 of a recent YouTube video series:

(Canola) has made me such a better farmer. Not only for canola but for my wheat. Yields are going up. Profitability is going up. This is a crop that is truly the total package in a rotation with wheat that will make your total farm experience more profitable. … You gotta go where the money is, and this is a crop that has turned my operation around.”

(If you want to hear more about the benefits of growing canola in rotation with wheat, check out part 1 and part 2 of the video series, too.)

During the workshops, Scott chatted with Carbon Cycle Crush (CCC) president Tim King and shared that “it’s almost impossible to think those who are growing wheat are not growing canola. It’s better for the farmer, the community and the land.” Washington farmers have been reluctant to grow canola because there hasn’t been a reliable buyer in the state. Now, with CCC operational, local farmers have an extremely interested buyer of locally harvested canola.

“There is a lot of erroneous info out there and we want farmers to have access to resources – resources like Jeff Scott – that will encourage them to grow canola,” says King. “Through our website, we’ll be sharing both the successes and failures so we don’t repeat the errors of the past. By providing education – the right education – we can help Washington farmers surpass the volume and success of our friends in Oklahoma.”

During the two events, local growers also shared canola success stories. Private grower Mike Stubbs, with farms in Dusty and Lacrosse, shared that he’s developed an exact planting process to grow bigger, healthier canola plants that yield more seed. While farmers have been led to believe that 6-10 pounds of seed per acre is the requirement, Stubbs is having great success planting 2.5 pounds of seed per acre and at a shallower depth. Lower cost, better yield. It’s information like this that gets King excited.

“Mike Stubbs’ story is essential for Washington farmers,” says King. “Mike said his soil is better and his wheat yields are up, too. One of the best locations for growing canola in the world – Washington – is not growing canola. This is a story that has to be told. And we’re ready to change the world.”

Was the crowd listening? You bet. One attendee was overheard saying to a friend, “It sounds like canola is the yellow brick road. Let’s start following it.”

Canola meal sales begin at Carbon Cycle Crush

Canola meal sales begin at Carbon Cycle Crush

Carbon Cycle Crush, a subsidiary of Carbon Cycle Investments, recently sold its first batch of meal to local Chesaw ranchers Steve Leslie and Brian Nelson. Steve, who purchased the very first ton of meal on December 5, has been feeding it to his small herd with favorable results. He recently purchased an additional 800 pounds and is sharing the meal with other ranchers in the area.

CCC millwright Eric DeCamp had the following to say about the company’s product:

I took two bags of meal …went to my neighbors and fed it to most of their animals. All of the animals responded with great interest. My one neighbor said they go through 2 tons of hay a month and would be very interested in buying meal to add to the feed.

Ozzie and all of the other neighbor dogs (about 30+) responded to the meal as well, but I let the owners know to do about 7:1 ratio.

I’m very excited about this!!!! I was very impressed to see ALL ANIMALS ate the meal, including the most timid (little colt that doesn’t get much human contact. She came up to me after her mom started eating it. The neighbor was very surprised).

Carbon Cycle Crush will notify customers when the next batch of canola meal is available for purchase.

Media coverage of the Carbon Cycle Crush launch

Media coverage of the Carbon Cycle Crush launch

Carbon Cycle Crush had it’s inaugural crush at a December 5, 2011, event attended by nearly 100 local citizens, investors, farmers and media. It was the first time the entire loop system was operational, showing all in attendance the crushing process, as well as the two byproducts the system produces: oil and meal. It’s these two products that are going to help transform the local economy for farmers growing canola and ranchers purchasing the omega-3 enriched meal. It’s an exciting time in Okanogan County!

We’re proud to say the event in Oroville garnered significant media attention. Here are some of the articles written about the event:

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